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Ic UC3833N

In the past year, consumer electronics Product Working Group recognized the special needs of the industry and IC UC3833N and are summarized in this work has made great achievements. The first stage involves the needs of small (laptop computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.) and large (such as plasma displays, refrigerator) consumer electronic products. High-end products based on these requirements, means that these products require item-level traceability to achieve security, recovery, maintenance and repair. Some key issues :

UC3833N Suppliers

Sony also announced this exhibition on the latest CLIE family members, including CLIEPEG-N610C / V, and UC3833N Suppliers and PEG-S320. While Sony's latest flagship product PEG-N710C sale only long, but they can speed up the launch of Sony's latest CLIE these two series of PDA, can be described as massive. Both products have the biggest feature is the MP3 player, and is very luxurious with a 320 * 320 color LCD display. Very attractive. PEG-610C / V version with two colors, on the right shows the silver version of the VioletN610VN610C. Although the N610 with the N710C have many similarities, but there are still many differences between the two, with the largest difference lies in MP3 player function. Although the publicity N610C Sony to expand upgraded to MP3 player, but the body is not designed in the headphone jack, seems almost impossible to become a reality. In addition N610C also has a 16-bit color display, but also much higher than the N710C configuration. This is mainly thanks to the N610C uses a PalmOS4 operating system, but can also be quickly upgraded N710C. In addition Sony also introduced an upgrade last year, PEG-S300 models PEG-S320. Although the S320 does not N610C or N710C as 16-bit 320 * 320 color display, but Sony CLIE remains consistent temperament and appearance of the style. The price of 199 dollars to become models of the level of the most powerful competitors. These two latest models of the prices are: S320 at 199 dollars, N610C 399 dollars, all upgraded N710C is 499 dollars. Sony also exhibited NovatelWireless CLIE company developed PCCARD, the use of the device can be Go.America wireless Internet services. This can be very good with the CLIE PCCARD with the same time, remove the modem without the need to be able to charge and synchronize data transmission, very convenient. Microsoft announced the latest to do

UC3833N Price

. innovative AQFN-9 (ArrayQFN 1.6 × 1.6mm) package, fully compatible with the industrys CSP-9 Ball package (LM4890, LM4990 , NCP2890 series) CT2890 core with a broad patent AQFN-9 (ArrayQFN 1.6 × 1.6mm) package, compared with the traditional CSP package, both Pin To Pin completely replace LM4890/4990, but also has More advantages:

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