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Ic UC3872DW

technological progress and IC UC3872DW and market applications are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Before lighting into millions of households in the semiconductor must be passed in the industrial, transportation, municipal, and other special lighting industry to bring the first application. The street is the largest application market, the application of the market in the street if the government can give support, and so to a certain stage of development after the rules of the market, may be faster to drive the rapid development of Chinas semiconductor lighting. Shanghai Sansi Technology Co., Ltd general manager process that German poetry, from economic considerations, in certain locations if the combined power substation, transmission, cable laying, lighting and electricity, and other factors, LED solar energy programs may have been added a more economical choice.

UC3872DW Suppliers

According to Jin-Min, director of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of introduction, from a global point of view the use of LED lights, in 2005, Philips (Philips) to install the worlds first in the Netherlands approved LED lights, then Lincoln, England, Toronto, Canada and UC3872DW Suppliers and the United States, North Carolina, Raleigh and other cities are building the LED lighting of urban roads. Through demonstrations, residents of these cities presented for LED lighting greatly enhance the quality of recognition is to Toronto, for example, about 160,000 city street that if all of its street lights to LED, it is estimated will save 600 million per year dollars in electricity bills as well as a decrease of 1.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emission, equivalent to about 3,600 cars from the streets disappear.

UC3872DW Price

Urban street market statistics show that Chinas urban road lighting more than a total of 15 million lights, the growth rate in recent years, more than 20% of the basis of this estimate, street lighting every year the market size of not less than 50 billion yuan. If you do not belong at all levels of management, street lights, such as factories, mines, government organizations and UC3872DW Price and institutions, residential street, etc., are included, then the much larger number. Together with other incandescent, fluorescent lighting, the total in the 90 million or more, if all LED lighting products replace annual savings of more than 100 billion kwh of power resources, equivalent to the annual Three Gorges project generating capacity at full load.

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