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Ic UC3906DW

senior analyst at iSuppli memory Michael Yang perspective, the continuing closure of 200mm production line, NAND flash memory to improve the supply and IC UC3906DW and demand is expected in 2009s NAND ASP increased and sales will increase, so the 2009s NAND suppliers will not continue loss. Overall, the Nokia 5800XM stylish, powerful, very likable, and has become popular nowadays arcade. Is composed of the "Cube Communications" gives the Nokia 5800XM sells for 1,699 yuan.

UC3906DW Suppliers

STMicroelectronics MEMS Business Unit Benedetto Vigna, general manager of the "China Electronics News" reporter, said they are optimistic about mobile phones, wireless game controllers, mouse, location services Aided Navigation (LBS), pedometer, altimeter and UC3906DW Suppliers and weather forecasting, digital camera / video camera anti-shake functions MEMS applications, but also concerned about the emerging wireless sensor network applications such as MEMS market development trends, these applications include a variety of MEMS technology. The reporter learned that the success of the acceleration sensor market, STMicroelectronics is focusing on development of gyroscopes, pressure sensors and silicon MEMS microphones and a series of products, some of these products to market in the second half of this year.

UC3906DW Price

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) products previously been applied to many industrial and UC3906DW Price and automotive, on defense, but last year it was successfully applied to the game on the Wii, which leads the market attention. Market research company Yole predicted that in 2008, MEMS global market will reach 7.8 billion in 2012 to 140 billion U.S. dollars. By 2012, consumer applications will become the largest MEMS market, in order to meet the market demand, MEMS to overcome the manufacturing, packaging and low power consumption, and other challenges. In this market, domestic enterprises are also efforts to create industrial environment, the market began to show the characteristics of their high cost, to participate in market competition. Consumer applications, will become the primary market last year, Wii consoles into MEMS, MEMS in consumer electronics for the development of the market has created a milestone. The market research firm Yole forecasts, in 2008, MEMS in the consumer electronics market to grow by 30% the amount of sales to grow by 9%. 2012, sales of consumer electronics will account for 40% of the total market MEMS, while the major growth market driven by inkjet print heads, inertial MEMS, micro displays and some emerging applications. And consumer electronics markets, although in the past growth in automotive electronics has been the main driver of MEMS, but in the period 2008 to 2012, MEMS automotive electronics market, the annual compound growth rate of only 5%.

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