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Ic UC80343QGD

econd is to accelerate technology development, and IC UC80343QGD and promote progress in sensor technology. For decades, advances in microelectronics technology to promote the development of sensor technology. The next 10-20 years the traditional silicon technology matured, then, the diameter of 300mm silicon wafers will be used extensively for the production, making low-cost silicon manufacturing technology and application of silicon technology has been an unprecedented development, will develop and produce micro-sensors, smart sensors to provide technical support and other new sensors. Overall development, the traditional silicon technology will extend to 2047 before saturation. And the current microelectronics will follow "and scaled principle" and "Moores Law," the two basic laws go, try approaching the limits of conventional silicon technology, the ever-expanding applications of silicon lateral and multi-disciplinary breakthroughs & ldquo ; non-steady-state physical device. " The development of microelectronics in the two directions of the next 20 years is the current sensor technology as well as the main development direction.

UC80343QGD Suppliers

March 28, the worlds second-largest chip maker Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that will not follow the example of the recent establishment of the Intel chip plant in China. According to PCWorld website reported that Samsung Electronics semiconductor business president and UC80343QGD Suppliers and Hwang (Chang-GyuHwang), Samsung is not even considering the establishment of such a factory in China, the possibility, but does not rule out future consideration of this area. He said: "China is a rapidly growing market, but she is also a low price, low levels of the market." Hwang said that Samsung plans to concentrate its capital investment will continue to South Korea because of its R & D center here, and chip processing Plant closer. Samsungs other major facilities located in Austin, Texas. He said the plant may continue to expand, because here are close to large customers away, and staff level of education is relatively high. Just a day after the worlds largest chip maker Intel announced it would invest 25 billion U.S. dollars in China to build a chip plant in Dalian. According to Intel CEO, said, Intel decided to build factories in China, mainly in order to continue to consolidate its position in this rapidly growing market position, but also to enjoy the benefits from low-cost manufacturing. The plant will be used to produce chipsets, rather than production as the companys flagship product, the microprocessor.

UC80343QGD Price

Opening Soon at a time when major universities, many students are wondering the purchase of IT products. BLUELOVER first large-scale market activity, "giving value Jiangmin antivirus software sales", and UC80343QGD Price and BLUELOVER 120 frames / second "speed video technology" products at the same time began. Following the 2008 anti-virus software has been presented Jiangmin, this promotion has increased marketing efforts, all 120 frames / second "speed video technology" products are giving value for money Jiangmin antivirus software. Rising to meet the application requirements of consumers, in December 2008, BLUELOVER the first camera in the computer industry, issued a "quick impact technical SpeedKing" HD camera [HDCAM].

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