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May 14, according to foreign media reports, Motorola is developing a mobile phone display, the most important feature is the use of solar energy to electricity, thereby greatly reducing the battery consumption. Currently, the battery life is still the mobile phone or other mobile devices one of the main problems facing. Motorola is currently developing a new display, you can use sunlight to achieve self-charging. Display the current tradition is generally not to receive the suns rays, while Motorolas design philosophy is to allow the sun in a particular color and IC UCC5621MWP and wavelength of light launched into LCD display. Then, the screen can use sunlight energy to achieve self-charging. Currently, Motorola has access to relevant patents, but did not say when this technology to commercial application. It is reported that rival Nokia has developed a monochrome display can be self-charging prototype. years ago, starting with the AMD multi-core trend to overturn the entire chip market, and since then, has officially entered into a multi-core chip technology era.

UCC5621MWP Suppliers

"IC design has become the most growth in Shenzhen, a new industry, the city authorities will finance, policy, etc., to support its further expand. "City, deputy director of Industry and UCC5621MWP Suppliers and Trade letter Qiu Xuan, said recently that attaches great importance to the development of Shenzhen high-tech industries and emerging industries as the future to achieve industrial upgrading and the key areas to promote economic growth, be strong support for development. IC is the core of electronic information industry technology and components, after years of development, Shenzhen in IC design, development and applications already have a strong foundation and strength. The next few years, the city believed the Trade and Industry Committee will develop specific plans and policies and other means to support the IC design industry.

UCC5621MWP Price

"a lot of IC design enterprises in Shenzhen is in a period of rapid development, is facing a serious shortage of office space." Zhou Shengming introduced, according to base a recent study found that, at present, IC base of more than 120 IC design companies around, but the base of the building area is limited, there are more than 30 enterprises in Shenzhen IC anxiously waiting for the site assigned to or facing a serious shortfall of office space in the gap stands at 80,000 to 100,000 square feet meters. It is reported that, in order to plan better platform for industrial development and UCC5621MWP Price and the environment, industry and trade in the city believed the Commissions support and leadership,

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