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Ic UDN2998W

With the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games and IC UDN2998W and the Chinese government continued to deepen the work of energy saving, power management chip demand will rise. Meanwhile, digital television, 3G mobile phones and other new products, MP3 and digital cameras and other consumer markets, and even the name of the banner of the green transportation revolution brought about by the electric bike market demand, are driving the market demand for power management chips. Although Chinas development of power management chip market slowdown is an inevitable trend, but the next 5 years, Chinas power management chip market will maintain rapid development momentum, power management IC products will remain the most active product one. Its growth rate will remain higher than the global market, its compound annual growth rate will remain above 20%.

UDN2998W Suppliers

Exterior configuration: Samsung i8910 has the largest AMOLED display, 3.7-inch size that it can be major vendors. Whether the exquisite degree from the screen, this AMOLED screen brightness and UDN2998W Suppliers and color can be perfect. The screen resolution is the perfect support for using 360x640QHD 16:9 high-definition movie playback. In addition i8910 has a built-in gravity sensor that can automatically switch horizontal and vertical screen display, more convenient to operate, the other in the system also provides more detailed screen display settings. Large screen, or give to the operator sufficient visual impact, and the I8910's AMOLED Liang material allows the use of environment-screen all-weather play are excellent, in addition to added features TouchWizUI Samsung touch screen mobile phone with the Widget plugin for touch screen to provide a richer experience, play, and in the G-Senser under the action of gravity sensors, edit information, play music, use your browser features such as the phone can be placed horizontally in order to achieve cross-screen interface, and also provides mute calls and snooze alarm activation options.

UDN2998W Price

(Reporter Li Fei) Following the general manager of Unicom New Horizon Wang Yingpei duties by the China Unicom Group's mobile communications business Zhang Fan, general manager of part-time, recently, China Unicom Group, China Unicom Hong Kong-listed companies (0762) Listing the first time in two years appears the most high-level personnel changes. China Unicom vice president Li Zhengmao resignation from all positions, and UDN2998W Price and the company was transferred to Yunnan Branch. Li Zhengmao Unicom play an important role in the market two years ago, before the departure of the main reasons investor relations. For Li Zhengmao been removed from listed companies, China Unicom Group, said personnel changes are purely normal, but the industry still talk. Back in China Unicom's CDMA network to co-ordinate easily handsome when Unicom New Horizon, a securities industry estimates, personnel changes and CDMA related business development is not satisfactory. For the transfer of Li Zhengmao, a securities analysts, the personnel changes have limited impact on China Unicom, but dragged down by poor CDMA business, China Unicom shares may continue to decline. It is learned that China Unicom Group, just over 100 million CDMA users, including the Hong Kong listed company nearly 80 million CDMA users. Industry sources say the pace of development in accordance with such user, it is difficult to complete this year's goals. However, recently, executive vice president of China Unicom Shi Cuiming External power that began in August this year, CDMA subscriber growth will be significantly faster, because the phone will further reduce prices, he is confident up to the annual target.

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