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Ic UPD8243HC

Analyst at China Internet Network Information Center, Li Changhe I believe that the nature of things is the depth of economic and IC UPD8243HC and social information. Author and Evolution of the concept of things is to investigate the evolution of a step by step to the depth of information, and this from the theoretical analysis of the nature of things, and more practical, both broad and narrow from a complete understanding of things .

UPD8243HC Suppliers

Xiao Bian learned once again the front line market, is continuing decline of memory chips. 1G NAND flash memory market, in addition to a shortage of Samsung, there is a slight increase in performance than, 2G, 4G, 8G prices continue to fall. The unabated decline in memory chips, dealers worried about the "3 dollar mark" has been broken: according to Hynix mainstream brands offer, 256MB DDR266 grain prices have dropped on the weekend of $ 3.1 to $ 2.98 yesterday afternoon. The decline in current memory chips has been going on for nearly a week, according to DRAMeXchange and UPD8243HC Suppliers and distributors news, last weeks decline in value as follows: the spot market fell Chao Guo 512MB DDR Module OEM 6%, 256Mb DDR original module crash nearly 5%, second-tier DRAM factory module price has also been affected, with an average decrease close to 4%, the lowest price reached 28 dollars. As for the original chip 256Mb DDR prices fell 2.2%, the average price of about $ 3.46, effective testing (eTT) DRAM price decline in the largest particles, a drop of up to 15%! Early last week, the DRAM by a big drop, primarily because of the DRAM manufacturers Samsung, Hynix and other inventory to speed up the release of the spot market, the industry rumors, "the current DRAM plant on the face database is full of hands-inch embarrassing situation", adding weak demand on the market, (It is reported that the market price fell to the lowest level seen only when a small amount of demand.) DRAM spot prices began to rapidly decline, single-day drop also expanded. Channel in the industry have pointed out, "DRAM factory ship in the contract market setback, excess inventories continually released to the stock sell-off, no end to the stabilized price signs." Between March 1, the decline has not been reversed. See the situation in recent days, this wave of price continued yesterday, Xiao Bian receive quotes: Hynix 256MB DDR266/333/400 particles offer has been as low as: $ 2.98/3.02/3.02, and this offer over the weekend or $ 3.1/3.15 / 3.15. Memory prices on the recent trend, dealers generally: not clear! Most dealers want to early March DRAM improved.

UPD8243HC Price

Single platter capacity increase has been the concern of manufacturers and UPD8243HC Price and the majority of players, and HGST Hitachi storage technology company yesterday released a single platter capacity of 375G 3.5-inch desktop drive, is Deskstar7K1000.B series. Is currently the world's highest capacity 3.5-inch platter drives, plans this month ship listed.

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