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40 years, the tireless efforts of several generations, Chinas laser technology to obtain a significant development, and IC US1G and made a lot of research with the international advanced level. China in various fields of laser technology in the successful application of the national economy, led to the rapid development of laser products market, China has formed the scale of the laser industry. Currently the industry engaged in laser research, development, production and application of the total number of 6 million people, of which about 50% of the scientific and technical personnel, managers, accounting for about 14%, with senior professional titles account for about 30% of staff, has formed a a considerable strength of the industry team. China has been distributed in dozens of cities in more than 100 business-oriented services, laser processing workstations, more than 150 manufacturers of laser equipment and laser products emerged as the leading number of the listed companies. In the full support of all levels of government, central China, Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River 4, the basic form large laser industry groups, manufacturers with annual sales of over a hundred million yuan has been 16 for the application of laser technology further promote and expand the industrial scale and lay a solid foundation for Chinas laser industry is in a great period of development.

US1G Suppliers

IBM and US1G Suppliers and HP in the system vendors continue to lead. HP slight advantage, 42%, a total of 210 systems. IBM accounted for 37.2%, a total of 186 systems. Followed by Cray, SGI and Dell, which accounted for 3.8%, 3.8% and 3.2%.

US1G Price

Mobilygens chief technology officer and US1G Price and founder of Francis Thomas said Sorin, providing fully programmable solutions to power problems also exist competitors, which Not the programmable function itself, but because of the memory bandwidth problem. With the utilization of on-chip memory, increasing power consumption will become larger.

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