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SupIRBuck Regulator Series is designed for 600kHz frequency, 4A, 7A and IC US1M and 12A output load, and 300kHz frequency 6A, 9A, and 14A output load current design. Its main features include 2.5V to 21V wide input voltage range and 0.6V to 12V output voltage range, pre-bias start, two fixed switching frequency selection, intermittent (Hiccup) current limit, thermal shutdown, and precise The output voltage regulation.

US1M Suppliers

road noise canceling headphones (Noise-CancellingHeadphones) is designed for very large number of environmental noise situations, such as heavy plant, construction site, the aircraft , train, etc., but with the city life appear more and US1M Suppliers and more noise, this headset is a lot of concern to ordinary users, noise reduction headset in accordance with the principle of two main categories: one is the active noise reduction (ActiveNoise-Cancelling ), the other is passive noise reduction (PassiveNoise-Cancelling), active noise reduction headsets generally through the audio receiver (such as miniature microphones) and anti-noise output of the chip, by receiving, analyzing the frequency of outside noise to produce the opposite wave frequencies offset each other to achieve the purpose of shielding the noise.

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LED lamp with its comprehensive advantages of the lighting market will certainly seize the largest share of the lights, the lights will become the development trend of the market, I believe the future will be very optimistic about market prospects .

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