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Z-Power P7 Series in energy efficiency, better than traditional light bulbs, this marks significant progress into the general LED lighting market in a single day is not far away . General 60-watt traditional light bulb is only about 11 lumens / watt efficiency, but Z-Power P7 Series can be released and IC USB6B1 and made of 900 lumens 90 lumens / watt efficiency. With rising oil prices and rising environmental awareness, stimulate global demand for energy efficient systems of interest, this time in Seoul Semiconductor Z-Power P7 Series breakthrough came timely.

USB6B1 Suppliers

When ready to celebrity GUIDEC simmering gas stormed the time, celebrities have appeared unhurried, and USB6B1 Suppliers and Qiang She Tak --- the same side of the Take That replacement launch vigorous campaign, and launch new Smart King + to show its technical advantages --- the other side, celebrities still holding the olive branch to GUIDEC throwing, according to Qiang's statement: I am c fists defeated you, you have defeated me three fists, Why not choose joint breaking?

USB6B1 Price

DS33X162 with highly integrated features, and USB6B1 Price and is not dependent on the software, which greatly simplifies carrier Ethernet product design. Applications include Ethernet access equipment, multi-service protocol platform (MSPP), microwave communications, WAN bridges and routers, zoning equipment, CPE modems, IP DSLAM uplinks, and media conversion equipment.

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