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Ic VD5012

China Instrument Society of Science and IC VD5012 and Technology Award is approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Award at the national registration department, the State Office of Science and Technology Awards Issued by the China Instrument Society established for the national field of integrated instrumentation awards. Instrumentation Science and Technology Award include: (a) Grand Prize of Science and Technology Instrument; (b) Instruments of Science and Technology Innovation Award; (c) Instruments of Science and Technology Achievement Award; (d) Instruments Product Excellence Award.

VD5012 Suppliers

" 2009, BYD's sales will surpass 40 million units annual goal. "BYD sales company director Mr. Cai Jun told reporter. "1-10 months of this year, BYD's sales of 33 million, while sales of 130,000 last year, an increase of more than 170 %."

VD5012 Price

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