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Ic VT1211

... ... a first time for the author to the Bandit, roadblockers and IC VT1211 and the like to the terms above, but when that is a mouse, when you see things when I was aghast understand that a product is so ... ... then this 3UTECH (once again,) the table is how tyrants HW-OP7040 kind of products? we slowly scan.

VT1211 Suppliers

for some time been very hopeful that the gallium arsenide semiconductor material to replace silicon. Present results show that better performance of silicon carbide materials. It lags behind the research SiC GaAs, mainly due to the difficulty of making SiC crystals too, the time when the temperature is higher than 2000 ℃, SiC has not yet melted, but at 2400 ℃ SiC has been sublimated into a gas when a. Now is the use of sublimation crystal growth directly from the gas state, the question now is to further improve the SiC surface and VT1211 Suppliers and metal contact properties of SiC and further improve the manufacturing process, these issues are expected in 5 to 10 years to be resolved. When the application of SiC semiconductor device manufacturing is widely used, the impact of power electronics technology will be revolutionary. Transformer or a switching power supply power electronics products is essential in the important parts, planar transformer is only available in the past two years, a new product. Different from conventional transformers, planar transformers no copper wires and replace them with single or multi-layer printed circuit board, which is far less than the thickness of conventional transformers, can be directly produced in the printed circuit board. Its outstanding advantage is the high energy density, and thus much smaller, equivalent to 20% of conventional transformer; efficiency, typically 97% to 99%; high frequency from 50kHz to 2MHz; low leakage (less than 0.2%) ; low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and so on.

VT1211 Price

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