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Ic W78E62BP-40

Digital camera product innovation cycles are becoming shorter and IC W78E62BP-40 and shorter. In particular, ultra-thin digital camera trend is particularly evident in the marketplace. However, no matter how fast the world changes, we can not forget the original ultra-thin digital camera demand. That is, we must remember that the thin, thin, easy to carry the basic principles and product positioning. From this perspective, ST50 this product can be very consistent with its product line and positioning. Anyway, this camera is a stylish addition to our interpretation of charm. 14.4 mm slim body with intelligent functions seem as if opened a gap between. However, ST50 camera includes many rich features in the body than can also have a stylish appearance of this, sufficient for it to get a high rating. Coupled with the 12 million pixel resolution and incredible good out of its lens Dengjun added some beautiful colors. Smart simple design features and beautiful all show the designer's intentions. ST50 camera believed to Samsung digital imaging for the debut of Samsung's new digital cameras will provide a strong driving force.

W78E62BP-40 Suppliers

* Power Saving: FSA9280A the use of advanced sampling methods to minimize standby power consumption, extending battery life. Can also be provided in the application of negative audio switching function without additional power consumption, while competing solutions require a charge pump to achieve this functionality. FSA9280A and W78E62BP-40 Suppliers and FUSB2500 all with low power standby feature when not in use the device in standby.

W78E62BP-40 Price

But in that time, the responsible product manager explained that because of high costs, so this will not monitor the market temporarily. Now, LED backlighting costs down, so the market will be widely seen on the LED backlight products.

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