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Ic W78LE516D-24

Each journey, not derived from the beautiful grounds of fantasy, from the heart of expression is not fascinated with it. Each section of the road, are looking for a haven, a moment that the soul even if only a stolen sigh. And this season, if you ask ALICE Where is their heaven? Will get the same answer: Tibet.

W78LE516D-24 Suppliers

Processor with a large number of popular i3, H55 Intel platform motherboards become the mainstream choice, but the H55 in the sale are used mostly MicroATX motherboards or smaller form factor, can not support dual-card Crossfire, first-tier makers large panel of high-end prices and W78LE516D-24 Suppliers and higher prices for DIY moderate player chooses a large plate is very rare H55. Kuroshio BI-750 motherboards with standard ATX board design, not only supports dual-card Crossfire mode, also supports unlimited WIFI card, overclocking well, if you like overclocking, preference for large panel-type board, then the BI-750 should be your choice.

W78LE516D-24 Price

Tt said heat without mentioning , Tt radiator, chassis and W78LE516D-24 Price and other products in the player in with a high reputation for its outstanding performance and superior quality man called Road. Tt introduced a new compact chassis LANbox has been in the domestic market, let's take a look at this cool box full of personality the highlight of what is wonderful, especially the cooling performance, what is the outstanding performance! # # # # # in the console area, small form factor MiNiPC is now a major trend, MiNiPC not only for work, entertainment, digital home appliances is also one of the best fashion show. Many users are small and delicate form of MiNiPC very Zhongyi, but often not satisfactory in use, often fails, the heat problem is to ensure continued stability MiNiPC a major killer. As MiNiPC compact, compact, internal structure, more compact between the various hardware, so MiNiPC chassis heat dissipation is particularly important. Less scientific and effective thermal design, and then pretty MiNiPC difficult to customer satisfaction, solve the case of cooling problems, so MiNiPC work to stabilize the clincher.

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