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Ic W91312

SEMI market analyst Li Feng said, local equipment manufacturers are rapidly rising, and IC W91312 and North China in the micro-localization of rising purchasing power have made a 300mm square Microelectronics 65nm devices, and has been in the client authentication. 200mm local manufacturers of equipment have also been in SMIC, Hua Hong NEC, Grace used, some have exported to Japan and South Korea into the Asian market. Local parts of the industrial chain in the chip plant, the local equipment company, International Equipment Company, and under the impetus of used equipment, but also is rapidly formed.

W91312 Suppliers

"Applied Materials in the global procurement process, the proportion in Asia in 2010 increased to 2.5 times in 2007, and W91312 Suppliers and China will be a leader in procurement in Asia, accounting for about half." Applied Materials AGS Global Product Management Corporation Richard Aquino in the localization of the third semiconductor equipment and spare parts procurement and localization of high-level symposium.

W91312 Price

After 4 years of development, at present, IC equipment industrial base of Shenyang, Shenyang gathered Tech Company, Shenyang core source of semiconductor companies, the new song robotics company in Shenyang, Bo Micro IC equipment companies covering most sectors of the industry chain more than 30 IC equipment manufacturers, industrial parks parts from the initial processing, subsystem development, the development of the unit, the pattern of comprehensive development of machine manufacturing, industrial clusters have been formed . Complementarity between the various companies, work together to get the system in the ultra-vacuum, film equipment, even plastic developing machine, vacuum cleaner robots, super-clean vacuum and W91312 Price and high-precision parts and components has made an important breakthrough, which spin coating development equipment to enable the domestic technology level of the three product generations, to reach the international advanced level, while a number of products to

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