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IBM is responsible for licensing of intellectual property Kevin Hutchings, vice president, said in a statement that China is a rapidly growing, strategic market, SMIC is China the largest OEM manufacturers.

WM8976G Suppliers

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and WM8976G Suppliers and the non-volatile memory IP provider of products and technology have announced the PMC has successfully launched the SMIC 0.18-micron embedded flash process technology and IP portfolio package. PMC third-generation technology based on 2T PMOS flash (pFLASH) cell structure patent, SMICs 0.18-micron embedded flash technology, is a leading foundry industry, and embedded non-volatile memory specialist close co-operation , is now fully certified and is about to mass production. This technology can provide high-performance, cost-effective non-volatile memory solution with high tolerance (up to 100K cycles) and long-term data storage (up to 10 years) the advantages, has passed the quality certification and achieve high yield goals. With its low power consumption, small size, the advantages of flexible configuration, 0.18-micron embedded flash technology very attractive to customers, can participate in a wide range of applications, such as micro-controllers, USB keys, smart cards, and fast-growing automotive applications. Customers can be 0.18 micron technology as a starting point, such as has been produced with a larger technology nodes, it can quickly cut into the advanced technology in design. "Because of the potential market size and the wide range of applications, especially in China, the 0.18-micron embedded flash process technology of great significance to the launch." SMIC marketing and senior vice president of operations, said Dr. Chen Qiufeng "As the worlds leading on behalf of the Public companies, SMIC provides embedded flash and EEPROM technology to fully meet the needs of our customers. "" The advanced technology enables customers to develop new high-performance products and made significant cost-effectiveness ", PMC Technology Wang Xiaoyu, President and CEO, said. "We are pleased with SMIC, in such a short time succeeded in establishing a third-generation pFLASH platform."

WM8976G Price

Openreach chief executive Steve Robertson said that the UK broadband speed is very important for future development, the first deployment site with the industry and WM8976G Price and local governments are in close co-operation discussions selected; the local government is also negotiating with more fiber deployment issues may have been released within the next few months with other regional cooperation projects. Openreach after the completion of fiber optic network deployment will be related to communications service providers develop their own services to attract consumers. 2012 BT committed £ 1.5 billion capital injection to ensure the country into four homes and businesses (approximately 1,000 million sites) can enjoy the fiber service.

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