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Ic X25020

Under the driving force in the iPhone 4, back-illuminated sensor (Backside IlluminaTIon Sensor; BSI) in the smart phone is more and IC X25020 and more widely. Other smart phone manufacturers have gradually followed the footsteps of iPhone 4, began to use back-illuminated sensor. R Pan Dawei, vice president of sales for Asia Pacific, said: "IRs DirectFET ? UIRF7648M2 the PCB package package size smaller than DPak 54%, AUIRF7669L2 the PCB package size 60% smaller than in D2Pak. Because of their package to the 179A rated current, respectively and 375A, DirectFET ?

X25020 Suppliers

to create electronic circuits Huangqiao Suzhou Industrial Park and X25020 Suppliers and completed the domestic first-class industrial park, developed the following initial size of :power package provides low parasitic inductance can be achieved very good high-frequency switching performance, and reduce the ringing waveforms, thus helping to limit electromagnetic interference and reduce the filter size.

X25020 Price

ediaTek, general manager of digital television products division, said Dr. Chen: "MediaTeks technological advantage is that we provide a solution support full HD picture quality and X25020 Price and specifications of the worldwide analog TV common platform, the most reasonable cost to achieve the most comprehensive feature; addition to saving customers a lot of development resources, also provides a flexible customized space, reduces system development effort, more importantly, is significantly shortened time to market. All manufacturers to enhance the competitiveness of the product to get more consumers. "

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