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Ic X25330

SOYO SY-AM690G-GR by AMDRS690/SB600 chipset designed to support AMD AM2 series processor interfaces. Integrated dual channel DDR2800 processor memory controller, the motherboard provides four DIMM slots. Motherboard integrated ATiRadeonXpress1250 graphics performance equivalent to mid-level X700 graphics card that can run World of Warcraft completely smooth, karting and IC X25330 and other mainstream 3D games, 3DMark05 can break 1,200 points! Addition ATiRadeonXpress1250 certified by VistaPremium can perfect operating system support WindowsVista All effects, including the most visually stunning Aero Glass effects.

X25330 Suppliers

developed for energy-saving, environmentally friendly products, industry promotion policy and X25330 Suppliers and the rules can be implemented, semiconductor lighting products will be included in the national high-tech products catalog, product catalog and government energy procurement catalog and enjoy corresponding preferential state policy. Relief for key raw materials upstream, equipment import duties, with reference to the microelectronics industry, "the 18th" file VAT relief.

X25330 Price

With 150kLAN compression ratio, 320 * 240 resolution, clear picture quality compressed WMV files out of the file is only 2 / 3 of the volume size. And the maximum benefit of secondary compression can still be downloaded directly to rm / rmvb files, although it Real10 than WindowsMediaEncoder compressor is between the command-line interface, 16-bit software, the overall compression speed significantly slower than WindowsMediaEncoder. But in dealing with the rmvb files downloaded when, Real10 compressor has an advantage, the rmvb files into low bit rate for PPC to play the rm files can be compressed only once successfully. But if you choose WindowsMediaEncoder, the first to rm through the "Little Japan" or "EOVIDEO" first rm file transfer software such as MPEG or AVI file compression, and X25330 Price and then compressed into WMV files through WindowsMediaEncoder.

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