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Ic X9241WS

Although the popularity of SSD will take some time, but the industry is full of hope for its future. Samsung SSD and IC X9241WS and HDD prices were flat that is only a matter of time, and even some hard disk manufacturers have begun to gradually layout SSD field. Microsoft announced its latest operating system, Windows 7 will support the SSD. Intel officially launched the worlds first flash memory based on 34nm MLC NAND SSD products, new processes, allegedly compared with the previous generation, the highest rate of over 60% of the post. The next few years, with the technology evolution as well as flash memory prices falling trend, SSD market or to usher in the real take-off.

X9241WS Suppliers

compared with the 35xx, based on ARM9 core STMP36xx able to handle three times the power, so that the realization of additional value-added features, such as BT, Macromedia Flash, Java and X9241WS Suppliers and other software, but also to enhance the user interface features. Increase the flash memory chip can achieve better error correction, making the system more stable, reliable, and better address the new generation of NAND.

X9241WS Price

compared with the previous series, STMP36xx biggest change is that the series switch configuration with double the cache, embedded SRAM, and X9241WS Price and an integrated memory management unit as the ARM926EJ-S CPU central processor. ARM9 processing provided rely on power and power, STMP36xx able to power consumption to less, and can support cross-decay and post-processing audio, MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) encoding, video decoding still and activities, and many new and advanced function.

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