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Ic X9C104SI

video output for set-top boxes, video, image quality is also a very important indicator. PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer uses the concept based on human visual system to provide a set of repeatable, and IC X9C104SI and with subjective human visual assessment is very close to the objective image quality measurement solution. PQA500 objective picture quality measurement for engineers to optimize video compression and image reproduction provided valuable information, so that engineers can provide users and viewers of the common carrier and distribution of high-quality transmission services. In addition, PQA500 to achieve simultaneous and dual-channel SDI video capture, radio and television operations will enhance the infrastructure assessment and troubleshooting skills.

X9C104SI Suppliers

B20 Professional using multimedia processing chip Korea Telechip7801 (iriver Clix and X9C104SI Suppliers and has a representative, "Respecting the King" title COWOND2 Dengjun the use of the chip)& international top audio decoder chip as the main Wolfson 8750 chip, which TelechipTCC7801 master chip with low power consumption, powerful features, support for hardware decoding lossless music formats and 30 frames / sec video playback. iriver through good circuit design and SRSWOWHD sound, so that the sound quality machine with excellent sense of hearing: right resolving power high-frequency band, musical instruments and sound to restore true; tenor performance are measured, rich harmonics decay more slowly, Naiting The friendliness; low dive deep enough, flexible. Rated as excellent sound quality performance leader in the field of digital music players.

X9C104SI Price

22X only sell 199! According to some dealer introduction, LGGH22NP20 the "most cost-effective writers in the history of" many consumers have been "killed", even after the product out of stock a large number of consumers scheduled situation. After all, the line of the brand, the current top recording speed, with a variety of cutting-edge technology, the price of less than 200 yuan, making this product cost are very prominent.

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