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Ic XC1701LJI

Xiamen Island, the first channel power into the grid to the north of Xiamen, Xiamen city center only access to power, the expansion of a "new 220,000-volt overhead lines, submarine cables, land cables, "the mixed single circuit transmission line. Among them, 96 Xiamen Jimei to core submarine cable route will pass through the main channel, both sides of the landing and IC XC1701LJI and scattered near the seabed exposed bedrock. Because of routing complexity, the larger the number of cable in the fiber core, the requirements of the submarine cable is very high.

XC1701LJI Suppliers

The product inherits all the advantages of similar products, Sanyo, its appearance is still similar to the imitation pistol to the design, one-hand control will be easier. Its water resistance is also very prominent, can be normal in 3 meters of water for 60 minutes.

XC1701LJI Price

Overall, WitsView still think that the end of the third quarter to the fourth panel, the strength of demand will depend on the speed of the hands of customers inventory digestion, and XC1701LJI Price and the panel on the plant capacity to adjust attitude and rate, especially if the Korean factory capacity adjustments in the attitude of Taiwanese manufacturers is not as active, will not solve the problem of excess supply, prices will inevitably fall back deferred end point in time.

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