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Ic XC2S150-5FG456C

but stressed that there are dark green (not black) side of Electronics Show in Munich from the round-table forum to various places, filled with all kinds of claims can be reduced by 20% or 30% of the power of information technology, but did not point out that, in fact, reduce the energy consumption is based on new technology at the basic level.

XC2S150-5FG456C Suppliers

President and XC2S150-5FG456C Suppliers and CEOCarloBozotti STMicroelectronics said in the roundtable, STMicroelectronics has been since 1995 quantify the cost-effective "green" project, has been 12 years, and the company has been efforts to reduce power, water and carbon consumption and produce more semiconductors. It Bozotti "Green is equivalent to black (greenisblack)", sought to emphasize the green project is to generate revenue for investment.

XC2S150-5FG456C Price

NX200 includes the latest multi-core MI mobile multimedia application processor C7280 and XC2S150-5FG456C Price and the company developed an open Linux-based mobile operating system SmartNX Mobile, and also offers a variety of middleware and application software packages. One, C7280 is the core of this platform. ARM7 based on a 32-bit audio DSP and the CEVA dual-core architecture, C7280 with a video accelerator, and other peripherals, can achieve 30 frames per second (QVGA) of MPEG-4/H.263 decoding and encoding capabilities, but also support 3GP and AVI and other video formats. In addition, it also supports up to 300 million pixels camera, FC games, stereo Bluetooth, MP3 format, stereo audio and MI have been good at video karaoke OK function. Interfaces, in addition to support for touch screen / handwriting recognition, USB2.0 480Mbps data transfer, OTG, but also support the SLC / MLC NAND flash, NOR flash memory, SRAM / SDRAM and SD / Mini-SD / T-Flash / MMC and other memory card. Halla Electronics Show also involved in the CEO roundtable discussion on the theme "The semiconductor industrys contribution to climate protection", the topic up to the car engine, communications and industrial infrastructure in the use of solar power management opportunities.

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