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Ic XC2S50-6FG256C

LDK polysilicon material from the system part of the polysilicon output in 2010 was 4,000 to 5,000 tons of annual capacity expected to reach 1.1 million tons, production capacity can be expanded to 2011 1.6 million tons.

XC2S50-6FG256C Suppliers

mature companies from developed countries to face the "invasion", we should first calmly and XC2S50-6FG256C Suppliers and rationally to avoid self-destructive, blind competition, and the premise of win-win seek strategic cooperation to develop and strengthen their accumulated technology and experience to enhance their capabilities to the long-term development goals, deal with immediate and long-term interests.

XC2S50-6FG256C Price

Full touch operation thanks to the design, Newman CMMB TV CTV27 handheld models for everyone to put aside the past, the heavy sense, "downsizing" after the show is neat, simple design style; pearl white the body under the action of the special process like a warm jade-like shiny, body rounded corners are handled through a special, comfortable feel; can be very stable on the table; is the most personal of CMMB market handheld TV products one.

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