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Ic XC3030-50PC84C

STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced M25PE series of page-erasable serial flash memory products increased by a 4-Kbyte segment size of 16-Mbit memory chip M25PE16, the product applicable to PCBIOS and IC XC3030-50PC84C and drive, digital voice recorders, networking products and set-top box (STB) and other consumer electronics storage applications. ST segment as the companys first sub-size 4KB serial flash products, M25PE16 for the access operation to provide a maximum operating frequency 50MHz SPI-compatible serial bus. New products using a 4-wire high-speed serial interface, without the use of parallel memory interface, this design has the advantage of using a smaller package and fewer pins, saving cost and board space. The memory storage is divided into 32 segments. Each store contains 256 pages of 256 bytes wide. In addition, each divided into 16 sub-segments, each sub-segment contains 16 storage pages. Page by page type written or programming instructions, memory write code, or programming a maximum of 1 to 256 bytes. Using the whole erase command, one can erase one, a sub-section, a storage section or all of the memory. Erase fine particle size make it particularly suitable for storing BIOS parameters. The improved memory protection features to prevent accidental programming and erase operations. Depending on the application requirements, the use of volatile and non-volatile mixed-protection, can be realized by software or hardware write protection. Protection granularity is 64-KB (segment size) or 4-KB (31 at 0 within the segment and sub segment size). M25PE16 single power supply voltage, operating voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V, operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. Features include reduced power consumption of 1-microamp deep-down mode, and to facilitate device recognition of the JEDEC standard byte electronic signature. More than 20 years data retention period, each storage section can withstand 100,000 erase repeatedly. M25PE16 Samples are available now, with the MLP8 S08W package and 5mmx6mm ECOPACK RoHS-compliant package, the development of mass production in January 2007. When ordering quantities of 100,000 units priced at $ 1.20.

XC3030-50PC84C Suppliers

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XC3030-50PC84C Price

irst of all, in foreign markets , 1-2 months before Christmas is often the peak of the procurement, the procurement of 9,10 single month is more concentrated outside the time period, after which, the export market will be transferred to the off-season.

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