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Ic XC3S1000-4FT256C

XE162M, XE164M and IC XC3S1000-4FT256C and XE167M microcontroller is designed for the kinds of demanding real-time industrial drive applications, such as for servo drives, air conditioning compressors and hair dryer, pumps, advanced sensors and power supply drive devices. XE166M series for SIL3 applications with advanced security features and small size 64-pin device (XE162M series). In addition, XE166M series also features an enhanced input and output capabilities, flexible power management features, and rich peripherals, and excellent CPU performance. are free to configure the serial port USIC supports multiple protocols such as asynchronous and synchronous serial protocol (ASC, SSC), I2C, LIN, and SD memory card also supports the communication. XE166M microcontroller integrates enhanced C166S-V2 core, expanded peripheral set and on-chip memory. XE166M series of three products are integrated embedded flash memory components; memory protection unit (MPU); To ensure data integrity for SRAM, flash memory and memory error correction code checker component (ECC); 80MHz CPU clock; implement DSP functions of the multiply-accumulate ( MAC) unit; advanced interrupt handling capabilities; fast high-resolution digital to analog converter (ADC) and for advanced development of the on-chip debug system .

XC3S1000-4FT256C Suppliers

all the chips are in line with the appropriate cable or satellite broadcast standards. STi5197 supports DVB-C, including the ITU-T J.83 Annexes A / B / C, and XC3S1000-4FT256C Suppliers and Japanese television standard TSMF (Transport Stream Multiplex Frame); STi5189 is consistent with the standard DVB-S satellite TV. Both chips support all industry-standard middleware and browser.

XC3S1000-4FT256C Price

Mitac Computer TYAN's leading brand in this channel server (16) announced built-in Intel® 5520/5500 chipset, 25 server / workstation platform supports 32-nanometer process are the new generation six-core Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series (code-named Westmere-EP). March 14 to 17 held in Las Vegas, Intel Channel Summit (ISSNAMO) and XC3S1000-4FT256C Price and March 29 TYAN-Intel seminar jointly organized by the Chinese market, TYAN channel customers will also show support for Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series of solutions, share performance and efficiency over double points TYAN solution.

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