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Ic XC4028EX-3HQ240I

Texas Instruments (TI) announced a 17 V input voltage of up to 50 mA, 16-channel constant-current sink LED driver type - TLC5943. The device integrates an enhanced spectrum pulse-width modulation (PWM) improves image quality and IC XC4028EX-3HQ240I and reduce flicker noise, which can meet the monochrome, multicolor and full color LED display and LED signboards and display backlighting requirements. 30 MHz through a common interface to access the devices brightness control, adjust the average current level, to compensate from one LED to the next LED brightness changes.

XC4028EX-3HQ240I Suppliers

Computer News survey Billboard 2009-2010 IT brand is currently the IT industry's largest and XC4028EX-3HQ240I Suppliers and most extensive survey, the most influential brand survey. Well-known brands Freelander GPS market with a convincing performance, brand awareness, quality of service, and won the absolute number of readers of "GPS navigation market, the consumer brand of choice", "fastest growing brand of the Year" award two . Fully affirmed the Freelander 2009-2010 in the product distribution, technology innovation, branding and channel construction and service has made outstanding achievements.

XC4028EX-3HQ240I Price

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