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Ic XC9572-15PCG84C

By 2005, sales of Chinas auto market is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan, of which about 25% of automotive electronic products to 30%. Market size of approximately 2500 to 300,000,000,000 yuan. 23 held in the 2004 national conference on application of information technology, Ministry of Information Industry official said, the fuel from the vehicle, control system, in the end seat, car, vehicle scheduling system through information technology, and IC XC9572-15PCG84C and so intelligent. Information technology applications in the automotive sector depth, and promote a revolutionary change cars, automotive electronics thus become a new economic growth point, but also greatly expand the information industry development. Good Nuggets Information Automotive Dealers Automotive relay heat everywhere is the looting of gold PCB into the PCB has also become the focus of the focus of automotive electronics market, household electrical appliance enterprises in Shenzhen have been among the automotive electronics market With the intelligent consumer automotive, electronics, information technology, network calls for a gradual increase in the development of modern automotive electronics is to computers, communications, control, microelectronics, electronic sensors and other technologies into the car, making the car from the traditional mechanical products to the evolution of high-tech products. Chinas automotive electronics industry is currently in its infancy, the national automotive electronics business of about 1,000, but most enterprises are small, single, low-tech products. Concentrated in the automotive electronics products such as car audio, automotive instrumentation, communications and navigation equipment, and parts of semiconductor circuits and devices, sensors, motors and so on.

XC9572-15PCG84C Suppliers

t is understood that in 2009, LED edge-lit LCD TV backlight design structure, the Department of 4-side light, a total of 6 LED light bar mainly used by the LED specifications (each tablet) of 0.4 watts of power, brightness, less than 24 lumens. Development in 2010 and XC9572-15PCG84C Suppliers and down both sides of the light, a total of four LED light strip of the structure is still used 0.4 watts of LED power, brightness 24-30 lumens. In order to keep less of the backlight design, branding and the current television system vendors, and the backlight panel makers are still developing new design structure. Expected by 2011, will be developed to the left and right sides of light, using a total of 2 LED light strip, or only the following side of the light, LED light bar with two of the main structure of the backlight design. LED used as decrease it, using the LED to 0.6 watts of power amplification, elevated to 56-62 lumens brightness.

XC9572-15PCG84C Price

Wagoner interesting part of the statement focuses on General Motors from the traditional gasoline engine transferred to the new engine. In addition to the disadvantages of pollutants in emissions, gasoline prices also makes the more expensive old-fashioned engine car, Wagoner said. Alternative motor fuels, including ethanol, electricity and XC9572-15PCG84C Price and fuel cells. General Motors currently manufacture a hybrid car. In 2008, the newest Saturn Vue, sell for less than 25,000. "This hybrid car means you do not pay too much for the environmental cost." Wagoner said. In the beginning of speech, Wagoner driving a Chevrolet Volt, which is released in 2010, hybrid engine cars. The car ran 40 miles by battery can, for most Americans do not need to charge transport can cope with daily.

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