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Ic XCS40XL-4BG256C

Cognex Corp. has introduced the worlds fastest vision sensor - in-sight ? 5600. The product series with the in-sight5400 as harsh production environment with excellent design and IC XCS40XL-4BG256C and performance, and the product processing speed and memory capacity is twice the latter, it can not be achieved in other high-vision sensor wire-speed implementation detection task. "In-sight5000 series since its inception, has helped a large number of manufacturers significantly improve productivity and product quality and reduce costs." Factory automation sector, Cognex Senior Vice President of krisnelson said, "As in -sight5600 launch, customers can realize the fastest line on the same income as before. "in-sight5600 series includes the provision of standard resolution (640x480) of the product, and two megapixels (1600x1200) of the product that In the high-speed application environments to ensure stable performance. All in-sight vision sensors comply ip67 (nema4) level of protection against dust and cleaning (no need to use the annex building envelope (accessoryenclosure)), and includes applied to the detection, identification, measurement and calibration applications such as environment, powerful vision tool library . Cognex also released the latest in-sightexplorer software, version 3.4, includes the following features: enhanced optical character reading and authentication software, onboard image storage - no pc can review test results, as well as profinet support, which Implementation and Siemens plc and other factory automation equipment, easy communication. At the same time, patmax ? is an optional component, which is a feature and object location applied to the software, and laid in the visual industry performance standards. in-sight5600 vision sensor and in-sightexplorer3.4 available now. "did not let the company die in their own hands, so not everyone the chance encounter." Yues face with a trace of a little luck.

XCS40XL-4BG256C Suppliers

IC design is a business card, Zhangjiang Science Park, a large number of returnees have chosen to settle here to start. However, this pool of correspondents in the interpretation of the government, business and XCS40XL-4BG256C Suppliers and personal dreams of the industry blueprint, in fact, they found more and more distant dream, but the pace of winter is getting closer.

XCS40XL-4BG256C Price

many IC design companies in 2008 was market demand for consumer electronics products is shrinking, the downstream manufacturers of semiconductor purchases are also shrinking, and XCS40XL-4BG256C Price and that the increasing tendency for , which is still in the IC design enterprises losing money as good as the worse. "Now some export orders for electronics companies have declined to only 10% under normal conditions, consumer electronics companies and mobile phone related business sales decline is quite alarming." Shenzhen Huaqiang North semiconductor industry, a source told reporters.

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