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Ic XCS40XL-4PQ240C

Another Xie Suyun that "the current LED technology is still in the formative years, continuous development, but some sectors are lagging behind the development of standards, does not meet the times, and IC XCS40XL-4PQ240C and while others are set too high can not be realized. These are not sufficient to regulate the industry ."

XCS40XL-4PQ240C Suppliers

"fattened to slaughter pigs to wait." He cited an example to illustrate, abroad LED giants like Microsoft, then, when the window system is extended, whether it is pirated or genuine first have to encourage everyone to use, wait until the market for its dependence-producing, you start charging, "to the end of the year, enterprises in Shenzhen have been due to infringement prosecution, the claim amount of up to 2 billion ."

XCS40XL-4PQ240C Price

by the relevant departments and XCS40XL-4PQ240C Price and experts: China Electronics Technology Group Corporation developed by the Institute of DDL-450 polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace, the use of directional solidification of advanced silicon technology, After the silicon melting temperature crystallization of condensation through a special process, the formation of crystalline silicon ingots to the same, is a high precision, high reliability, high degree of automation, intelligent large-scale control equipment. Because the device platform in the structure, vacuum furnace, heat insulation system, vacuum system, pneumatic system, cooling system, electric control system structure, with high productivity, high quality, multi-security protection, full automatic control and so on, is three patents granted by the State. Xiesu Yun pointed out that "many manufacturers of domestic products more or less there is infringement of the problem, although many foreign giants have not yet to receive, but as long as LED market slow Slow spread, these problems will be very prominent ."

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