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Ic XCV150-4PQ240C

in order to ensure its superior heat dissipation, this power is relatively large mesh, I can clearly see the power used by all inside precision components. Through the window we can see there are a lot of Sanyo capacitors and IC XCV150-4PQ240C and up to three swing package. Internal power supply circuit board is thick 6-layer design, with every success of these cautious design can live a really good use of power.

XCV150-4PQ240C Suppliers

SG has released the latest power IC products SG6203, for the secondary side synchronous rectifier control chip for general low voltage high current flyback power converter, the main end-use applications include notebook computers, LCD TVs, and XCV150-4PQ240C Suppliers and industrial computer and so on. Along with other new products launched, SGs AD-DC power supply IC products will include the use of one side of the PWM, PFC (power factor correction) IC, and the use of monitoring in secondary synchronous rectification IC and secondary IC . According to reports, SG6203 is used to control the flyback converter secondary side synchronous rectifier MOSFET, with a side of the PWM, to replace the traditional secondary side of Shockey diode, which reduces conduction losses and improve efficiency. To minimize the power consumption, SG6203 SG synchronous rectification using the patent technology in continuous current mode, through its automatic detection of the primary side of the PWM signal power, can produce the best when the blind (dead time), to reduce energy consumption and output capacitor through the series resistor and the sensor as the secondary current, significantly improve power efficiency. SG6203 provides excellent power protection, the operating voltage range of 6V to 20V, can be in continuous and discontinuous current mode operation; in the light load of non-continuous current mode, the internal power supply protection will be activated to restrain the inverse current situation occur. In addition to highly reduce power losses, improve power usage efficiency, and help reduce heat sink size, and thus reduce the power converter size, provide customers with complete high-performance power supply, improve the performance of AC-DC conversion rate used. SG6203 compliance with international environmental regulations, to provide SOP-8 and DIP-8 two kinds of lead-free packaging.

XCV150-4PQ240C Price

Topstar TM-P5M8Pro motherboard Northbridge and XCV150-4PQ240C Price and Southbridge VT823TR by VIAP4M800Pro perfect match, and support for the 800MHz FSB of IntelLGA775PentiumD/Pentium4 and CeleronD processors also support Intel dual-core processor.

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