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Ic XCV300-4PQ240I

Since 2001, FPC industry in China has grown rapidly. Before 2006, annual production value of Chinas flexible board industry growth rate of more than 60% in 2006, after the rapid decline to 20%. Mainly due to the end of 2003 and IC XCV300-4PQ240I and 2004, rapid growth of flexible board industry and a large influx of new investment, the price war has emerged at the end of 2005; Another reason is that domestic brand mobile phone market share in 2005, a significant decline (mainland Flexible board industry customers are mobile phone manufacturer), resulting in the rapid decline in value of flexible board industry. But compared to the entire PCB industry, annual production value of industry growth in flexible plate faster.

XCV300-4PQ240I Suppliers

CMO announced May 8 TFT-LCD 21.2 billion consolidated revenue of NT, the monthly growth rate of 20.3%; CMO May shipments of TFT-LCD combined total of 3.943 million, the monthly growth rate 10.7%, also setting a record monthly shipments. CMO in May large size panel shipments reached 3,943,000, nearly four million mark for the scale; as CMO 7.5 generation mass production plant in May, starting in March before the pilot goes well, Currently the amount of glass cast films quickly reached 30,000. CMO originally estimated the overall large-size panel shipments Q1 growth of 15-20%, but the smooth expansion in production capacity, coupled with strong demand to determine the June panel shipments will exceed 4 million, continued a record high, single-season will be higher than expected actual shipments. CMO No. 1 large-size panel shipments quarter as 9.01 million to the first quarter, April 2, 3.561 million shipments, up to 3.943 million in May, two months, has reached 7.504 million, only if the June calculated to four million, one quarter, shipments of 11.504 million, one quarter growth rate of 27% or more. In addition, starting from the April series of 17,19-inch wide-screen display panel and XCV300-4PQ240I Suppliers and has more than 20% price increases, CMO first to introduce 22-inch widescreen panels in short supply, with 32 inches, 37 inch panel prices stabilized, all CMO favorable turn quickly in Q2 earnings, corporate profits forecast raised an estimated 3.0 billion single-quarter profit of NT point of view.

XCV300-4PQ240I Price

UMC and XCV300-4PQ240I Price and Singapore, the South plant Fab12A plant Fab12i additional machines in April, resulting in some of the deferred wafer shipments of April performance, business monthly received 9.319 billion yuan, representing a reduction of 1.69% in March; UMC before the end of April from the total revenue of 36.035 billion yuan and the increased 103.41%. However, with the deferred smooth wafer shipments, 5,6 UMC will resume monthly sales growth trend.

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