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Ic XCV50-4TQ144C

July 25, 2009, the domestic chip manufacturers Rockchip known officially released its latest generation of audio control chip - RKnano. In fact, as early as 2006 Rockchip has become famous, and IC XCV50-4TQ144C and its high-quality video playback program and law-abiding, audio performance has been sought after by people. The release of RKnano chip, not only has high signal to noise ratio (up to 96DB), also made a breakthrough low-power enhancement, can bring long battery life. In addition RKnano specially added to support Microsoft WindowsMedia full DRM10 digital rights management solution, even if protected music to play.

XCV50-4TQ144C Suppliers

industry on the demand for new materials is also the supplier market opportunities lie. Nano-era, how to develop technologies that can meet the performance requirements of the product, how to reduce material costs, how to achieve mass production of new materials, how to meet the needs of environmental protection and XCV50-4TQ144C Suppliers and safety, these are the material suppliers of the opportunities and challenges. Philips good quality performance chips, the VIA chip and Sigmatel chips. But these chips is very valuable, mostly used in high-end MP3.

XCV50-4TQ144C Price

Test method also generates a standard 1kHz sine wave single-frequency and XCV50-4TQ144C Price and save it as WAV format files into the titanium master (V6000HDV), the use of short lines on the recorded sound card by Creative LINEIN port frequency domain analysis of the following results. A screenshot can be seen in the middle part of the spectrum is very sharp 1kHz, the frequency characteristics of single-frequency reasonably well (Note: The low frequency of small waves is the FFT algorithm used in the software caused the signal is not a reason, even if the generated signal with the digital analysis also appear to be so), and the high frequency harmonics can be seen a little limited (Note: Please note the difference here, especially interference and harmonics), we know that the simple feeling of the signal will be dry, and make the appropriate harmonic sound effects occur polish, rich layered sounds, professional audio actuator is essentially a harmonic generator, increased by high-frequency harmonics to the sound and other methods to improve the sound quality, tone and improve the penetration of sound force, increase the sound sense of space.

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