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Ic XCV50E-7PQ240I

Fei Diou Kun-day by the U.S. Bureau Company (Quintic) recently introduced an FM wireless technology, which is based out of FM transceiver extends the concept of function, the English full name AIRAUDIO, was flying the Chinese name Di Europe. Some of the hardware features include FM transmitter and IC XCV50E-7PQ240I and FM radio function of the chip QN8006, as well as chip-based QN8006 FM wireless headphones, clever use of FM radio frequency modulated signal transmission; through automated search technology automatically matching the frequency space, the technology has been applied Patents are protected by law. Link pair can achieve the purpose of wireless headphones. The biggest feature is the Fei Diou technology instead of wired headphones and features for sharing music through the FM transmit and receive functions, in the range of 20 meters spread to one to many to share music. Editor Comments: Nokia 7310C ya fine shape, function is relatively simple, there are not many flashy features, but for MM, it is a different kind of beautiful simplicity.

XCV50E-7PQ240I Suppliers

Indian government hopes to March 31 to hold long-delayed third-generation mobile services, wireless broadband auction. This week will form a ministerial committee to decide the details and XCV50E-7PQ240I Suppliers and time of auction. Ministry of Defence has agreed to open up more bandwidth telecommunications services. 20.2 billion at the Treasury Department proposed rupees (407 million) of the starting double, the government auction of 22 wireless bandwidth in India in the field of telecommunications services in 20 of the program was shelved. Telecom has put forward alternative pricing plans, but the proposal has yet to be adopted by the Panel of Ministers. The Committee may form this week, the responsible person designated by the Prime Minister of India. But the prime minister is recuperating due to cardiac surgery and may continue until mid-March can not return to work.

XCV50E-7PQ240I Price

Due to industrial and XCV50E-7PQ240I Price and economic power of the market reaction is different, the Chinese semiconductor industry downturn in the global industrial recovery phase showed diversity. In the next 5 years, China's IC design (fabless) semiconductor industry will be subject to the consumer market, especially in the domestic semiconductor consumption market a strong impetus. New entrants and surviving in the competition of enterprises will benefit from industry consolidation and the continuing government incentives. Therefore, we can expect this area than other areas of the semiconductor industry in China and the Chinese consumer market faster development.

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