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Ic XPC8240RZU250C

Texas Instruments (TI) is committed to developing the highest quality performance and IC XPC8240RZU250C and innovative technology, recently, the company announced that its audio DSP to become the lead through the main 192 kHz DTS-HD audio (DTS-HD master audio) Standard embedded implementation of the certification program, which can bring unparalleled home theater sound system. DA7xx series based on TIs award-winning DSP technology for audio / video receiver (AVR) can fully support 8-channel 192 kHz lossless audio, for the consumer great power of the ideal home theater experience. The technology to achieve a perfect bit by bit mapping (bit-for-bit) reproduce the original audio, home theater systems so filmmakers can truly reproduce the sound design. DA7xx DSP DTS-HD through the main audio and DTS-LBR (low bit rate) of the full certification, is the first access to Dolby TrueHD DTS-HD and dual-certified processor, can support next-generation HD DVD and Blu-ray discs All audio formats.

XPC8240RZU250C Suppliers

When released the latest 45NM INTEL processors process, when the card into the DX10 era, when universal access to DDR3 memory, etc., must be looking forward to a new chipset. INTEL will release in June 4, code-named EAGLELAKE series chipsets, including X48, P45, P43 and XPC8240RZU250C Suppliers and integrated G45, G43 and G41 and other chips. And P45 as the main force in the end, will be responsible for the popularity of the mainstream of the task specification. ||

XPC8240RZU250C Price

Intel since 2000 has been trying to enter the market, but Intel in the past 18 months, only just beginning to receive orders for the major mobile phone manufacturers. Maloney said the Intel chips in the mobile phone market growth was partly due to the same phone features start with the PC. He said more and XPC8240RZU250C Price and more phones will have built-in intelligence.

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