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IDTechEx RFID companies in different industries for CEORaghuDas, including air, clothing, health care, animal husbandry and IC XPC860MHZP50C1 and other fields of application status, and the new rise of the largest application of RFID to ─ ─ mainland China were analyzed. It is precisely because many of the world the continuous promotion of RFID, this technology is moving forward at a steady rate. to the product cost structure, China is now the average per vehicle cost of the connectors used in only a few hundred dollars, and foreign connectors per vehicle cost approximately In the $ 125 ~ $ 150, China automotive connector market, there is great potential for development.

XPC860MHZP50C1 Suppliers

Miss early in the first Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are bitter, by the Internet bubble burst in 2001, the tired, Miss the end of 2003 the company had to sell at a loss. He and XPC860MHZP50C1 Suppliers and business partner has returned to re-take the entrepreneurial path Shanghai. Wu Yue beginning and no clear direction aircraft to sit around for inspiration. Quickly, "the cell phone battery power management chip" to break into the vision of Wu and Yue. Wu Yue was like, if each cell phone battery need such a chip, then the potential of this market enough amazing.

XPC860MHZP50C1 Price

With a complete manual that is a function of the S90 all the photographers chasing the target, but after the release of S90 in the market has been long overdue, but once that Canon will be launched before the National Day Golden Week ultimate desire did not happen. But recently learned that Canon S90 will be landed in Hong Kong in mid-October, priced at about HK $ 3,680 HK dollars, equivalent to about 3,240 yuan, so calculation, S90's price is reasonable. The success story of Wu and XPC860MHZP50C1 Price and Yue Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, a typical case of chip companies.

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