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tag costs have a global advantage, favor large-scale promotion of EAS. As a label producing country, Chinas output of the label production is not only stunning, low-cost products is another big advantage. In many small retail cost of a small investment in SMEs, the high price tag would make the audience will naturally anti-theft system of goods shut out, while the low-cost tags will be conducive to national coverage of the system, especially small and IC XTR105PA and medium cities The widely used.

XTR105PA Suppliers

NCPB-2320 32 nuclear PacketariumTM card with up to 16GB DDR3, the four XAUI (10GbE) ports routed to Packetarium? NCP-7560 system board to gain High-speed switching capability. All boards are connected to the carrier board a BrOAdcom BCM56820 10 GbE switches, by BROADCOM BCM56512 GbE switch provides six front panel 10 GbE SFP + ports and XTR105PA Suppliers and 16 GbE SFP ports . The largest producer of electronic tags as China, theft of goods in the face of it a big market, and has the advantage to how to enjoy this piece of industrial cake?

XTR105PA Price

to decide the market, which is once again in the EAS market has been fulfilled, the high theft rate for retail EAS (ElectrONicArticleSurveillanceSyetem, referred to as the EAS system) should be transported and XTR105PA Price and students. EAS system is a high-tech electronic security equipment system, which means high-tech goods to give a self-defense capability, can effectively protect the product against product theft. EAS system consists of three parts: the detector (Sensor), decoder (Deactivator) and tag (ElectronicLabelandTag). RFID tags are divided into soft and hard tags, soft label low cost, direct adhesion in the more "hard" goods, soft label can not be reused; hard tag soft label one-time costs high, but can be reused. It is understood, EAS system in Europe, the United States and other countries have reached the degree of popularity in the country, EAS system, the majority of businesses have gradually been accepted and adopted. Generally believed that the majority of business is to reduce the use of EAS systems loss of goods stolen from the most reliable, most economical high-tech means. According to H & Q Consulting survey, installation of EAS systems business theft rate than businesses did not install EAS system 60% -70% lower, while Wal-Mart has publicly stated that installation of EAS system can reduce its rate of 50% of stolen goods.

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