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"All commercially available in the current anti-reflective coating (ARC) in, SOLARC has been shown to have the highest efficiency." Honeywell Electronic Materials said Dmitry Shashkov, Director of Marketing. "In the semiconductor industry, Honeywell has more than 50 years of innovation and IC XTR108EA and experience, this is undoubtedly the launch of new products, the use of the materials we have accumulated rich professional knowledge to solve problems of another example of the PV industry."

XTR108EA Suppliers

this cooperation is in the September 30, held in San Jose, California NVIDIAGPU Technology Developers Conference to announce. Fermi-chip integration of a total of 3 billion transistors, NVIDIA is currently the most powerful on the market three times the graphics chip. the future, the chip also will join the NVIDIA GeForce designed for the PC product line. # # # # # Oak Ridge National Laboratory (OakRidgeNationalLaboratory) 9 30 announced plans for a new supercomputer, will use NVIDIA's next-generation GPU architecture, codenamed "Fermi ".

XTR108EA Price

Italian National Research Center for the first time before a new man-made "electronic nose" of the performance demonstration. This "electronic nose" made it through a regular telephone line, you can achieve the dream of long-distance odor transfer.

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