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Ic YMF754-R

in the first 6 months, the electronic information industry, the accumulated growth rate of investment has remained high at 30% level, compared to last year, in addition to 1 - Februarys total foreign investment growth in the rest of the month were higher than the same period last year. Main reasons: first, by the first half of the national macro-control measures last year, more concentrated efforts to a greater influence, greater reduction in investment growth last year; Second, sales growth in 2004, more new projects during the first half of 2005 growth more funds rate, driven by such factors as better, faster investment growth in the first half of this year.

YMF754-R Suppliers

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YMF754-R Price

GALAXY 9500GT Black will process it uses an nVIDIA55mn the G96-300-B1 core, with 32 stream processors, full support for PCI-E2.0 specification, full official support for DirectX10 Unified Shader pipelines and YMF754-R Price and SM4.0 . In addition to support third-generation nVIDIAPureVideoHD graphics technology to provide a more clear video playback with support for HybridPower technology.

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