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Ic Z8018006VSC

This shows that manufacturers as long as the core of outsourcing the production of polysilicon raw materials such as trichlorosilane, they can produce polysilicon in other areas. During our visit, some industry experts and IC Z8018006VSC and manufacturers, also found that the majority of the polysilicon manufacturers other than the purchase of raw materials largely based. That is, polysilicon production can replicate in other regions, it has to a certain extent, explains why the polysilicon project in China "everywhere."

Z8018006VSC Suppliers

With the growing emphasis on healthy living consumers and Z8018006VSC Suppliers and the global energy for the increasing demands of environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection has become a new consumer electronics product development trends, environmental protection and energy saving technology advances will drive the consumer electronics industry, a new round of upgrading. Consumer electronics manufacturers for new energy-saving products and health, comfort, pollution and other properties to pay more attention, and constantly around the "green" development of new products. For example: LED backlight TV flat TV manufacturers this years race of the hot market, and promote the wide application of LED technology; e-paper technology will promote e-books, electronic labels, electronic billboards, smart cards and other new products, the size of applications; the next generation of OLED display technology consumer electronics industry will also bring new market opportunities.

Z8018006VSC Price

With digital TV, Internet, mobile communications networks, physical networking technology is developing rapidly, and Z8018006VSC Price and more digital products into the home, for the tremendous consumer electronics market space. Flat-panel TV this year to upgrade and the development of color TV industry is very important. From last year, we are pleased to see that the color TV industry made a turnaround: the top 10 sales last year, only two companies of domestic enterprises, and the statistical results after one year, great changes have taken place. In which the efforts of their own color TV is very important for the consumer demand for their technology development, through a very useful innovation to win the market, and now Internet-enabled television is also actively developing and advancing. TV companies to develop Internet-enabled TV, which is for the Chinese consumer conditions, the consumption environment and make a very useful innovation, we won a very important market competition means. Other departments have different views on this innovation in the industry rise to discussion. Recently, the relevant departments together for the communication, there is a more positive attitude. The development of this industry, it is not a small step forward. However, in the future will inevitably encounter problems that need to be consistent all walks of life, the development of electronic information industry to provide a good macroeconomic policy environment.

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