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Ic ZR38600PQC

Divided into plug-in automotive relays automotive relays and IC ZR38600PQC and PCB (printed circuit board) is two types of automotive relays, car relays them into the main assembly in the central control box, with the wiring harness to use, more in terms of PCB-type , bigger, carrying higher, more expensive, but easy to install and replace; and PCB relays more car for automotive electronic modules, the more plug-in, the smaller and peripheral electronic circuits higher degree of integration, lower cost. The requirements of the automotive products market, the relay towards the small, intelligent, big load, and other direction. According to projections, the global automotive relay 2008, total demand will reach 2.3 billion, of which car relay PCB about 55%, and humanity as people on the car, comfort requirements continue to increase, the proportion will continue to increase. Meanwhile, consumers in the car ride safety, comfort, entertainment and other aspects of the requirements of rising, would make the car designers have had to the existing automotive electronics modules and electronic circuits to improve or redesign, which will car relays on the PCB with new performance requirements. In addition, the traditional use of PCB relay switch in automotive electronics modules, there will be a new type of car replaced by electronic circuit solutions. These suppliers will bring technical and price pressures. The flash controller, the delay controller, in the future of automotive electronic systems, designers will be the car flash control, delay control and other functions more integrated in the main control module, so that the future of these products market demand will be reduced gradually, and may be replaced by PCB relay.

ZR38600PQC Suppliers

but the chip equipment orders down, equipment manufacturers face enormous challenges, senior economic analyst at VLSI Research, said Aida Jebens. She said that in 2008, the chip equipment market will decline 2.8%, while the panel equipment market is expected to surge 18.9%.

ZR38600PQC Price

In entering the list at the same time, MediaTek's first GSM / GPRS mobile phone MT6253 single-chip solution has been mass production. As far the highest integration and ZR38600PQC Price and cost-effective GSM / GPRS single-chip solution, MT6253-volume production will further strengthen the MediaTek chips in mobile phones and solutions for the global market leader.

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