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Vishay announced the Z202 series of small ultra-high-precision Z-Foil resistor, when the temperature range of 0 ℃ to +60 ℃, the resistance with ± 0.05 ppm / ℃ Typical TCR, ± 5 ppm of the PCR (self-generated heat ΔR) (rated power), ± 0.01% tolerance and IC ZXM61P02FTA and ± 0.01% of the load-life stability, 5 Ω to 30 kΩ in the standard range of Renhe Rong impedance difference, the adjustment for any a specific value.

ZXM61P02FTA Suppliers

Meizu M8 in the shape design with a classic candybar design, body weight is about 118g, thin body, the feeling in his hands just right, it will not feel cumbersome. Meizu M8 is equipped with a 3.4-inch touch-screen, though compared with the iPhone's 3.5-inch a little smaller, but there definitely is a domestic machine was outstanding.

ZXM61P02FTA Price

(Electronic markets Reuters) market research firm ABI Research in late 2004 following the launch of "ABI: Outlook 2005 will not stir a significant change in technology", and ZXM61P02FTA Price and cited a number of highly touted, but 2006 will not significantly change the global electronics Industrial products, technologies and services. Including GPS navigation devices, video satellite radio products, mobile TV, WiMax, ultra-cheap mobile phones and e-passports. ABI expect to be out there in these products and technologies in the foam, provides a more realistic technology and market trends. 1. Telematics: portable navigation device that does not like the 2005 2. Mobile TV Broadcasting: U.S. will not be popular in 2006 3. HSDPA Mobile: speed does not exceed 3Mbps 4. WiMAX phone does not appear, WiMAX will not swallow Under the WiBro 5. 40 Mei Yuan phone: not to let more people connected 6. satellite radio industry: It is difficult launch successful video products 7. through Wi-Fi Certified 802.11n products will not be listed 8. WCDMA and CDMA200 business services in China does not appear, TD-SCDMA may be 9. e-passports in the United States, not in the global epidemic 10. wireless data services: that cell phone users are still hesitant

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