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ICFULL Introduction

ICFULL (www.icfull.com), is the online trading platform for electronic components. Enable customers, business real-time business transaction exchange platform. Provide real-time inventory and trading information for the IC market enterprises to expand sales network to provide professional services. ICFULL have a high degree of flexibility and openness and informative, accurate data, the huge database of information services for the electronics industry, the best information platform.
ICFULL established in October 2010, is the leading domestic IC industry website, has been in the electronics industry has laid a solid customer base and wide popularity in the industry already has a good product monument. Currently, ICFULL has 30 million registered members, average daily traffic of 10 million people, ranking the forefront of IC industry Web site, the majority of suppliers for the IC industry, providing professional Internet products to promote, in baidu, google in the IC and IC networks and other related key Search word alignment in the forefront, and the effects achieved by the widely recognized by customers and praise! Add ICFULL you will enjoy the following benefits services:
1, the enterprise self-service site
Become a registered member, will provide free access to ICFULL powerful self-service website, allows you to fully display the company's supply and demand online, products, services and corporate image; your website URL will help themselves in their own business cards printed, ICFULL will Your comprehensive publicity and promotion!
2, the inventory information upload
All products can be data, pictures, quotations, etc. in detail in the page display, through the improvement of search engine, buyers can rapidly and accurately to your product search at any time and reached a deal with you.
3, buy information release
Column in the supply and demand information, at any time-to-date supply and demand, cooperation, agent information, let your customers automatic door.
4, IC Datashee PDF Download (millions)
5, IC Industry Stock Company
6, IC related information services industry

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