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is an online marketplace for purchasers to seek integrated circuits and other electronic components in the world. Millions of dollars worth of orders have been placed from the buyers to the sellers worldwide on the daily basis via . Our vision is to be the catalyst for the global electronics community to come together in an online environment to locate the electronic parts from the oceans of distributors in a faster, less expensive and more efficient manner. Our unique audit system ensures the qualifications of the suppliers, and therefore makes your business in safer and more enjoyable. Our ultimate purpose is to help buyers and sellers find each other easily and do business together successfully. integrates various online promotional tools of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to satisfy the needs of our customers, especially for the stack of sellers who are eager to grab online businesses. Due to our customers’ excellent business experience in , our fame as the premium IC trading platform has been spreaded continuously through word of mouth. presently aggregates more than 6,000 global IC and electronic components distributors, whom many more purchasers are meeting and doing businesses with. is IC purchasers’choice of platform for one-stop valued service!

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