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Ic lmc1983civ

St. Charles, Ill., according to the BishopandAssociates president RonBishop report: With the connector industry bottomed out in the first quarter of 2009, the connector needs of the first half of 2009 declined by about 32%, however, Bishop said he forecast in December 2008 the connector industry will be down 15% in 2009, the forecast is too conservative.

lmc1983civ Suppliers

Q7 parameters of low-carbon version of the nameplate is standardized, detailed, rated power 400W, meet IntelATX12V2.31 version of the specification, dual 12V output power of the United 330W, accounted for 83% of the total power supply, the output performance is very good. The key is the white card through the U.S. 80Plus certified, the conversion efficiency of over 82%, while standby power consumption less than 1W, energy saving performance is excellent.

lmc1983civ Price

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