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Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic brand manager, told reporters that the Soviet Union and IC mmbta06lt1 and then spring to 26-inch LCD panel prices, for example, the purchase price of Xoceco than the beginning of June and July of this year rose by 30%, the current prices have come down, but 10% is still expensive compared to the beginning. Su then spring that is behind the price down LCD panel supply and demand improvement.

mmbta06lt1 Suppliers

the boom in the panel industry behind the curve of the domestic panel prices also show a turning point means. Earlier this year, three quarters of the LCD panel prices rose an average of more than 30%, of which 32 inches is the most, from the original $ 130 by the end of September rose to 215 dollars. However, after entering in September, this trend began to slow rising wave of price hikes trend stops, finally emerged in the inflection point in October.

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Fierce competition facing the future Lu Ren Bo told reporters: "The investment of a panel production line, ranging from billions of dollars, as many as tens of billions of domestic high-generation LCD panel, the first day of production from mass production, may have to face the embarrassing situation of excess capacity, perhaps even cruel vicious competition, the future cost recovery may be a problem. "

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