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based on non-3G version of 16GB iPad physical teardown analysis, iSuppli estimates that the low-end 16GB iPad non-3G version of the cost of materials (BOM) to $ 250.60. If included in production costs, the cost is $ 259.60.

opa128jm Suppliers

North American market, established businesses to Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent face of war to the doorstep but also unspeakable ease in the next period of time, the North American market will be There may be Alcatel-Lucent and opa128jm Suppliers and Ericssons world.

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Austriamicrosystems ((Austriamicrosystems)) recently launched a small 6-pin TSOT package synchronization and opa128jm Price and efficient step-up DC / DC converters AS1322, to expand its DC / DC converter series product line. AS1322 input voltage range of between 0.85 to 5.5V, adjustable output voltage range between 2.5V to 5.0V. When using a single AA battery input and the output voltage equal to 3.3V when, AS1322 provides 150mA maximum output current. Standard Linear at austriamicrosystems WalterMoshammer director of marketing, said: "There are many portable devices require small, high-efficiency power converter solutions to extend the battery usage time and life cycle standards. Austriamicrosystems introduced the AS1322 to the well positioned to meet these requirements. It incorporates a low input voltage in 0.85V to work, using thin TSOT23 package 1.2MHz fixed frequency synchronous boost converter. can provide more low input voltage output current the AS1322 single-cell applications as the ideal choice. "through the use of small size inductors and ceramic capacitors, 1.2MHz fixed switching frequency minimizes the PCB space. The device has a variable frequency (AS1322A) and a fixed frequency (AS1322B) two versions. In light load conditions, AS1322A provide automatic energy-saving operation, that is, as long as the output voltage adjustment range, will be able to cut into the sleep state switching devices, thereby improving efficiency. This will AS1322A the power consumption to 30μA, thus substantially extending battery life. Through the inductor in discontinuous mode attenuation, anti-ringing control circuitry reduces EMI. On the other hand, AS1322B lighter load can be maintained in a fixed frequency operation, it became necessary to easily predict and filter output noise ideal for applications such as mobile communications solution. AS1322 is ideal for small portable applications such as mobile phones, MP3 players, pagers, GPS receivers and other handheld devices, these applications require the smallest space in the working hours of battery life.

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