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Ic p6ke20ca

Mainland China in the "Ten City, ten thousand" and IC p6ke20ca and other policy driven LED street lamp market will rise this year to 1.4 million in 2010, is expected to grow 79% up to 2.5 million, accounting for more than 5 worldwide demand for LED lights into, a large domestic and foreign manufacturers competing to grab the cake. In fact, their 24-hour long tunnel lights out, light a few months in a row, and a large number, it is the preferred energy-saving targets. At present three to five years LED lights, tunnel lights in the national government will be driven by energy policy priorities.

p6ke20ca Suppliers

overnment support is the most important factors in investment ntel introduced the worlds top 500 enterprises, is the city in the industrial cluster development and p6ke20ca Suppliers and create electronic information industry is an important node in the chain. As one of the biggest ever foreign investment in Chengdu project, Intel Chengdu, then why did it choose? To face questions from reporters, Gu-yee, said government support, good people, good energy supply, an important geographical location, reasonable cost of inputs Intel optimistic about the 5 important factors in Chengdu. Meanwhile, Intel in Chengdu, Chengdu University of Information also promoted the formation and development of industrial clusters, this cluster of Chengdu real, competitive advantage can not be copied elsewhere, but also in Chengdu important manifestation of the new economic form.

p6ke20ca Price

High-end gamers and p6ke20ca Price and hardware enthusiasts, the choice of the top of the board and processor, it needs to buy a top-level high-power power supply to meet the needs of the platform. HuntKey top player for the rock 800 is recommended and a small station is rated at 600W of power, to meet the high-end multi-card SLI set up each player card needs. The power supply dealer in Beijing's Zhongguancun offer for 1280 yuan, and a more adequate supply. Products using solid-state capacitors, advanced active clamp technology, meet the 80PLUS standard, high output at the same time, more in line with the needs of the current economic environment. According to reports, the typical load conversion efficiency up to 85% of small, light load and full load conditions, more than 82% conversion efficiency, is the super fans a good choice.

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